Strange And Creepy Strange and Unexplained Now Is Your Chance to Own A Haunted Sanatorium for Just $75,000

Now Is Your Chance to Own A Haunted Sanatorium for Just $75,000

Now Is Your Chance to Own A Haunted Sanatorium for Just $75,000 post thumbnail image

Own Your Own Haunted Sanatorium

With the prices of homes, food, and just about everything else going through the roof, it’s news to hear that you can own a haunted sanatorium for this cheap. The sale price is going for $75,000 and sits on about ¾ of an acre. Don’t expect to walk into something beautiful, it’s run down and needs a ton of work. The Pokegama Sanatorium is located in Pine City, Minnesota, and is a monstrous location that could be turned into a bed and breakfast, or a spooky ghost hunting retreat.

The History Behind the Sanatorium

The sanatorium first opened in 1905 as a treatment center for tuberculosis patients. The only building left standing of the initial complex is the administration building. It was initially closed in 1943 and was sold to a couple of owners throughout the decades. In recent years it was used as a chemical dependency treatment center which closed in 1985. Since the 80’s it has been abandoned and looks like something out of a Resident Evil movie.  

The Haunted Sanatorium

There have been a lot of people who have done investigations in the sanatorium. Some have recorded some pretty eerie things while inside. One Minnesota paranormal investigator by the name of Eric Moen picked up a recording that said “watch us from hell’. There are numerous reports of people hearing footsteps and strange sounds coming from empty rooms. Everyone who goes into the sanatorium says the place is haunted beyond belief and that they wouldn’t want to be left alone in there for a long time.

Video Source – 160HZ

Video Source – The World Of Yesterday

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