Strange And Creepy Strange and Unexplained Zak Bagans Closes Haunted Chair Exhibit Due To Danger

Zak Bagans Closes Haunted Chair Exhibit Due To Danger

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By now most if not all of you reading this know who Zak Bagans is. If you don’t he’s one of the the stars of the hit paranormal research show ” Ghost Adventures”. It’s the show where they go to the creepiest locations on the planet in hopes of capturing evidence of the paranormal.

Well along the way Zak has been collecting some of the most haunted and diabolical things around. Recently he purchased a chair that was in the infamous ” the devil made me do it” case that was tied to Lorraine Warren.

The chair is said to be cursed or possessed in some way by the devil or some other very dark entity. Some very creepy things have happened around this chair, and it seems like after this….. All the stories must be legit.

Apparently the chair has only been in his possession for not more than a couple of months. From the get go the chair has been causing some rather creepy and terrifying situations that made him close down the exhibit before some real harm is done.

Some are saying a collection of this kind should be shut off from the public, but then again there are a lot of people who simply don’t believe in this kind of stuff. Whether you believe or don’t believe is up to you, but the following is rather creepy I must say…

Check out the video posts we found by PSPR PARANORMAL PURSUIT

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2 thoughts on “Zak Bagans Closes Haunted Chair Exhibit Due To Danger”

  1. We have been to his museum. Loved the experience!! The chair was not there when we were. We will visit the museum again one day!

  2. Zak Bagans, no offense intended. You are doing rituals you have not been indoctrinated to. I spent the last weekend in Pennhurst. I saw apparitions, got touched, etc . The place is full of innocent spirits. We did EVP, spirit box, etc. It has very obviously been blessed. The children played ball, shared blown bubbles and communication. There is no haunting here. The spirits want to know they are not alone. Think about it! All children, young to old, were not evil or malicious. I am a practitioner of Reiki and Shamanism.

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