Ten Stephen King Adaptations That Should Be Remade?

Which Stephen King movie do you want to see remade?

It’s no surprise that we are in the day and age of the reboot! Take a look back to the last few years or so and you’ll see numerous remakes. And if you look towards the future you’ll see many more are on there way.

Some we love to hate, others we just can’t simply get enough of. The real problem is what movies should be remade and what movies should they just leave alone?

Every genre has remakes, but lately, it seems as if horror movies are at the top of the remake chain!

However, when you talk bout horror movies, one name will always pop up in the conversation… Stephen King!

With so many books that have been made into movies, some are saying this is the time to remake some of those movies, especially a few that could have been a lot better.

The big question is this, which movies should they make?

Check out Video below we found by Watchmojo!

What do you think about it?

Which one would YOU want to see in the theaters in the next few years?

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