5 Horrifying Tales of Poltergeist Activity

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5 Horrifying Tales of Poltergeist Activity

Some people say that it's nothing more than extreme paranoia or a psychological condition that makes people "THINK" that they see ghosts. However, it's always funny to hear this kind of stuff coming from people who have never ever experienced something of this nature first hand. It's only when they do experience something terrifying in nature that they then start to question everything they learned and believed in. 

Most ghosts don't care about you or what you're doing. You hear footsteps, doors slam, and voices. But poltergeists are something totally different, they are aware of you and in most cases want to hurt or bother you.  Some examples of this are The Black Monk Of Pontefract  and things like Demonic Possession, but many say it's nothing more then your mind playing tricks on you, or  feeding into your delusions

What do you believe?

Check out these 5 terrifying stories by Top5 of poltergeist activity 

Video Source – Top5

Do you believe that any of these stories are true?

Have you ever witnessed anything scary like this?


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