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10 Places You Can Rent On Airbnb That Are Insanely ‘Haunted’

10 Places You Can Rent On Airbnb That Are Insanely ‘Haunted’ post thumbnail image

If you love to travel you know there’s a big chance you might just end up in a haunted room, that is depending on where you’re staying at. Then again some of the most popular places that you would have never thought to be haunted actually are.

But when it comes to renting out places like this in the past, it’s usually hard because a lot of people don’t like to advertise that kind of stuff. However now you can rent a haunted place via AirBnB.

Imagine paying for a place and not KNOWING it’s haunted, would you stay? If something creepy happened would you stay the whole night or look for a way to get a refund?

Just recently we stayed at a hotel in our area that is a bit creepy. The odd part is it’s 1 of a million of these hotels. You can find them in every town and every city. We won’t say WHERE and WHAT hotel it actually is, but we will say we had some poltergeist type activity.

But imagine renting a room that is beyond haunted, would you attempt to sleep or try to pull an all nighter? I don’t know about you but I think I would be a little too spooked to sleep. I would probably sit there all night long waiting for something to happen.

How about you all?

Check out this video we found by TheMostAmazingTop10 and let us know YOUR thoughts. Would YOU rent a room willingly knowing it was haunted?

Video source TheMostAmazingTop10

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