The Illinois Theater Where The Dead Still Come Back To Perform

The Rialto State Theater – Joliet, Illinois 

Joilet, Illinois Rialto State theater is one of those places where you go to watch a good show. The theater has had a long and vibrant history, as well as some tragic accidents. Some say the rich and vibrant history of all the performances has brought back some ghosts. Some say the ghosts are that of past performers, others aren’t so sure. They say it comes from the tragic things that happened during the early years of the theater. Check out the video and let us know your thoughts. 

VINCENT GENNA Doing A Walk-through At The Theater 

SOURCES – Vincent Genna  

Is The Theater Haunted?

Some have claimed to have seen past performers on the stage only to vanish into thin air. Do you think there are times where the veil between this side and the other are thin enough to cross over? Could the ghosts that used to perform there be able to come back to this side for one more final performance? These are questions that none of us know, and I think think we’re truly supposed to.

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