An Inside Look At The Haunted History of Joliet’s Rialto State Theater

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The Rialto State Theater – Joliet, Illinois 

The Rialto State Theater  in Joliet, Illinois  is one of those places where you can go to watch a good show and also get spooked at the same time. Apparently many of the old performers and even guests who passed away a very long time ago decided to come back.

Many have experienced some rather creepy things while in the theater. Some alone and some even in groups, from apparitions, to music and even phantom guests and performances.

Why do you think they came back or decided to stay?

Think about it, if you were a performer and you had the performance of your life, would you go back to the place you had your greatest performance if you were able to?

Some believe these ghosts can go back to where they want and that this place held many fond memories as well as a few TRAGIC ones… Check out the video post and let us know YOUR thoughts.

Would you be scared to be alone at night in this theater?

Check out the video of one of the most haunted places in Joliet, Illinois

VINCENT GENNA Doing A Walk-through At The Theater 

SOURCES – Vincent Genna  

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