Ghosts Aren’t Real? 4 Scientific Explanations On Why See Ghosts

Are Ghosts Real?

It’s been one of the biggest questions of all time, are ghosts real ? We all question it because sooner or later we are all going to face the truth ourselves. The question of life after death has been prevalent since we first began.

Throughout the ages beliefs and thoughts change with the times. Popular opinions become jokes, jokes become truth and so on. But since we are in a time and age where we “science” is the answer for everything. We have pushed away everything that is out of the scientific realm in the mainstream. 

Some people think everything can be explained with science. But as person who has witnessed some pretty  creepy things, I would have to argue with this. I don’t think everything we see and experience coming from the other side is all in our mind. I think there are things and events that happen in certain places that are the real deal. 

However we are open minded and like to hear different scientific reasons for ghosts, so this is why we approached this topic. Some are very persistent that ghosts do exist, while others aren’t. Either way they haven’t been proven to actually exist…… or have they?

Whatever it is you choose to believe, we invite you to check this out with an open mind and let us know your thoughts! 

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SOURCE – TheSciShow

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