Selfies Are Deadlier Than Shark Attacks

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Selfies Are Deadlier Than Shark Attacks

This May Freak You Out A Bit! 

You’ve probably heard the term “selfies” being thrown around a bunch lately, and for those of you who don’t know what they are, they’re when you take a picture of yourself.

There’s been a huge debate lately because of the risks that some people are taking to get a good picture. People are putting themselves and others lives at risk because of it, now they’re saying that selfies are more dangerous than shark attacks. 

People are going to an insane extreme trying to get the craziest and wildest pictures of themselves. The problem is that these people aren't really thinking about their own personal safety, and for that reason people are actually losing their life  because of selfies.

You're thinking why would people be so smart to do something like this, well you know how some people are, some people simply don't think when it comes to safety, it's always been like that and probably will never change. 

Check out the video 

Source – cops,court, and coffee-

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