This Cell Phone Activity Is Said To Be 5 Times More Dangerous Than Shark Attacks

Selfies Are Deadlier Than Shark Attacks

Selfies Are Deadlier Than Shark Attacks

You’ve all probably taken a selfie a one point in time or another. But have you stopped to really think about the real dangers involved when taking selfies? When you take a selfie, all of your attention is focused on one thing, taking the best pic possible. We’re so focused on it that we forget about our surroundings. Most people take selfies in random locations. But then you have those people who like to go to the extreme. They like to take selfies in areas they probably shouldn’t.

Experts are now saying the trend is now more dangerous than shark attacks. Let’s just stop for a second and think about that. You have a better chance of getting hurt or worse by taking a pictures than getting chewed up by a monster shark. I can see this being true if you lived in the middle of no where. But for those living in rural areas, this is a little bit creepy.

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Source – Source – cops,court, and coffee 

Is The Selfie Fad Getting Out Of Control

With more and more people trying to get the perfect selfie, it’s evident that things are getting a bit out of control. It seems as if one persons gets the ultimate shot, someone else has to top them. I know this has been the case for other things in life. However, why would someone want to put themselves in extreme danger just to get the perfect shot? Let us know your thoughts and what you think about this.

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