A First-Person Look At What It’s Like To Walk Through An Abandoned Insane Asylum

Asylum Walkthrough

By now most of you have seen a walk-through or something on television that had to do with abandoned asylum’s. The first thing that usually pops up in our minds is, why is this place abandoned? Most of the time they’re abandoned because of a multitude of reasons. It could be the place ran out of funding, or the location wasn’t up to code. Sometimes there are other more creepy reasons why places ended up closing. We’ve all heard of the stories of neglect, abuse, and even murder going on in some of them.

Haunted Abandoned Asylums

Many say the reasons these places are so haunted is because of the locations past. The history behind a lot of these places is anything but good. It’s always asylum was closed because of the foul mistreatment that was going on. Many times deaths are the result of mistreatment. Even worse is when these places run self-sufficient and keep the outside world in the dark. Things tend to happen, people tend to change. I’m not talking about the patients, but instead the staff. It could be locations like this one act as a sponge and soak in all of the negativity. The video we found takes you to one of those places, the only thing we know about it is it’s Virginia somewhere. Check out the video by Brandon Sterowksi and let us know your thoughts. Would you be brave enough to venture alone through an abandoned asylum?

An abandoned insane aslum in Virginia


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