An Inside Look At The Town That Inspired The Movie Silent Hill

The Town That Inspired The Movie Silent Hill

If you’ve ever seen the movie Silent Hill or played the video games, you know that it’s an extremely creepy game and movie. The movie is one of those  where you watch it and you sort of get into this hypnotic daze. You start to think about the possibility of a town like that actually existing and it creeps you out, but then you realize that it’s just a movie. 


There’s actually a town that’s like it minus all the creepy and scary stuff that went on in the movie.  The real town was a mining town that was struck by tragedy, and after the tragedy happened the town was forced to shut down. Everyone left in a hurry leaving a smoldering ghost town left to forever burn in infamy.

The creepy part is that the town looks just like the town in the movie, there are some very eerie similarities from the town in the movie to the town in real life. There are also some ghost stories that stem out of the real life town, but then again there’s always going to be some spooky story anywhere tragedy has struck.

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The Town That Inspired The Movie Silent Hill



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