The True Story Of The Bell Witch Haunting

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The Story Of The Bell Witch Haunting 

Could The Witches Curse Be Real?

The legend of the  Bell Witch Haunting is one of the most famous witch stories ever told. Many believe this story was in fact true and that the witch in the area was responsible for the scary and evil things that cursed an entire family. Others say the story is nonsense and that people can’t do the things this supposed witch could do.

Some say the Bell Witch was a shape shifting witch that had incredible powers and that the entire story started around a man named John Bell.  John ran into some kind of dog with the head of a rabbit looking creature that he shot at multiple times in his corn field. The odd thing was he never hit the creature  at all, and he claimed the creature simply vanished into thin air. 

Could it have been the Bell Witch?

There are those who believe it was in fact that it WAS the witch that John Bell shot at. And that because of his actions on that certain day, the curse took hold of him and his entire family. Others claim it was already too late at that point. And that the real cause of the curse was the land that they were on. 

All in all  whether fake or not it makes for a good story!

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