A Look Back At Wisconsin’s Most Terrifying Location, Summerwind Mansion

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Summerwind Mansion

Wisconsin’s Summerwind mansions history is said to be straight out of a horror movie. With a terrifying history of demonic possessions, suicides, murder, vanishing corpses, dark apparitions. It’s no wonder the haunted mansion was looked as a place you should really stay away from. Now in ruins, only the remnants of a grand and elaborate mansion are left.

The house which was a former shell of itself finally met its demise when a house fire tore through it back in the late ’90s. There are those that say it was struck by lightning as a way to get rid of the evil within the mansion. Could higher forces be at play, or was it random vandals that caused its final downfall? Summerwinds’ history stretches back to the 1920s when it served as a summer getaway for a former U.S. commerce secretary. Before Summerwind, the grounds served as a summer retreat for an 18-century explorer.

So why was it so haunted? Check out the video we found and find out why.

Video source – Allan Addci

Cursed Land?

There are those that say the land was cursed and that the mansion should have never been built in that area. Could the land be part of some sort of Native American burial ground that was disturbed? Others say it’s an entity like a Wendigo that’s been in the area for who knows how long. Another possibility could be it’s located near some kind of energy center that could be attracting entities? That doesn’t explain all of the dark entities and evil things that have gone within the mansion’s dark history.

Video by – Virtual insanity 15 

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