The History Behind This Old Wisconsin Mansion Sound Like Something From A Stephen King Novel

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Summerwind Mansion

 Haunted Wisconsin 

Wisconsin’s  Summerwind mansion is known to be one of Life magazine’s terrifying tales of 9 haunted houses. it’s now a shell of its former self since a house fire ravaged the entire place in the summer of 1988. 

Why is this?

The house’s history stretches back to the 1920s and it was a summer getaway for a former U.S. commerce secretary. But before that, the land the house sits on was also a summer retreat for an 18th-century explorer. Now many rumors have been passed on throughout the years about WHY this place is so haunted. 

Some say it wasn’t the house that was haunted but that it was actually the LAND that’s been cursed. People have heard strange things coming from the woods and have seen things some can’t explain.

The pinnacle of the paranormal activity happened right around the time the house burnt down, the owners at the time went almost insane because of the activity going on within the house. Some say there’s a strong poltergeist presence attached to it. It’s also still unknown WHY and HOW the house burnt down in the first place. Some say it was arson, but the manner the house burnt down points otherwise. 

Could it have been paranormal in origin, some people tend to think so, but if so why did it burn down? Could it have been someone on the other side trying to protect those on this site?

A New Wisconsin Hotel?

There have been a few paranormal groups and foundations looking for funding to actually rebuild Summerwind Mansion back to its a former state and put a bed breakfast in it. They want to do haunted tours and think that it will be a success. Now while some say this is a bad idea, these groups love the fact that this place is haunted.

Some say that if the place mysteriously burnt down once, why wouldn’t it happen again, and what if there were people actually in it when it happened?

The only thing that remains there now is the shell of the foundation. However, the grounds are said to be extremely haunted. If you’re looking to venture on the grounds there’s only 1 way to do it. Contact contact the Fox Valley Ghost Hunters either on Facebook or to get more information.

Check out the videos we found on Summerwind Mansion by Allan Addci

Video source – Allan Addci

Video by – Virtual insanity 15 


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