Taco Bell Spices Halloween Up With Their 2019 Costumes

Every year you see someone in a fast food restaurant type of costume. But more often then so you see Taco Bell themed costumes popping up. So if you’re one of those people who LOVE Taco Bell and want to get a crew of friends or family together and become a Taco Bell  party pack, you’re in luck.  

Taco bell finally released a legit costume collection featuring solo outfits or group outfits. You can even customize your group’s ensemble by creating a theme like going as the hot sauces – hot, fire, verde, and of course DIABLO!

But if you’re not into the hot sauces and want something else, don’t worry because Taco Bell has you covered. You can choose the Cheesy Gordita Crunch and let your friends be the hot sauces.

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Also if you’re wondering if they make children’s costumes, how about the 7 later Burrito Baby costume? That way you can turn your baby into a burrito. It’s also an excellent costume if you plan on taking your little ones out Halloween night if you live in a cold area.

So which costume is your favorite? Check out this very short video we found by DimplesRamierz of the costumes you can choose from.

Video Source – DimplesRamierz

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