Take A Haunted History Walking Tour Of New Orleans French Quarter

Haunted Places In New Orleans

New Orleans, Louisiana isn’t a stranger when it comes to the paranormal. Other places focus on spirits and the paranormal during Halloween; however New Orleans sort of lives and breathes it. It’s been called the most-haunted city in America, so in a sense every day in New Orleans is Halloween or has a Halloween vibe to it.

There are creepy reminders everywhere of the afterlife, from above-ground graveyards, to creepy 18th-century mansions that are surrounded with death, mystery and lore. There have also been some pretty scary things that have happened in the city like the Yellow Fever Epidemic in the mid 1800’s. Over 40,000 people lost their lives in the city alone during the epidemic.

The Most Haunted City In America

Some say many of those ghosts haven’t left the area and are left wandering around the city. New Orleans also has a very rich history in the occult and also in Voodoo. New Orleans is a city like no other; it’s creepy but also very cool. With so many haunted places and creepy stories, it’s hard to get turned around on what to do and what to see while there.

So if you’ve ever wanted to visit New Orleans most haunted places, today we are going to help you out with that. We found a video of a French Quarter walking tour for you all the check out. So watch the video and let us know your thoughts.

Video source – EECC TRAVELS

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  1. I would love to be able to do this but because of my health I would love to know if there was a way you could do this virtually

  2. I have been to New Orleans, and taken some of the many tours offered there. I enjoyed it very much, and learned a lot I had not known about the city. I would encourage everyone to take at least one of the tours while in New Orleans.

  3. I love NOLA!! I missed taking the tour of the hauntings. Next time I’m there I look forward to doing it. Thank you you for the Virtual Tour very informative.

  4. First time on your page.
    Have you ever checked out Fort Delaware ?
    Civil War prison in the Delaware River off of Delaware City, DE.
    Always heard its got a lot of paranormal activity.

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