This Museum Is Home To Some Of The Most Terrifying Objects In The World

Zak Bagan’s one of the stars of the hit paranormal research show ” Ghost Adventures” has a rather large collection of some of the most HAUNTED objects in the world.

He has items like the DIBBUK BOX, the notorious box said to contain some kind of demon or other dark entity. He also has paintings like the CRYING BOY. The infamous painting said to be responsible for numerous fires started under strange circumstances.

He also has the haunted mirror, many who have gazed into the mirror say they get extremely lightheaded, others have seen things but when they turn around nothing is there.

Most recently he purchased the notorious “Devils Chair”. The chair was recently responsible for some rather scary stuff. He had to shut the exhibit down for sometime.

There have been at least 5 guides who have had things have an effect on them. Even with all the activity going on, we still would LOVE check out this place in person…… How about you all?

Check out the videos below…

Looking to check out the museum in person? Check it out here >> HAUNTED MUSEUM

We found the video below by and it showcases a creepy tour.

Check out this video we found by Top 5 Scary Videos of the top 5 most scariest objects in the museum.


  1. If it were owned by Nick or Aaron and Zak had nothing to do it with it, I would go…but no thank you

  2. Yes some places that think they have to charge ridiculous prices is not good. Can anyone tell me where the museum is located?

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