A Look At Terror On Tillson: Michigan’s Largest Neighborhood-Funded Halloween Event

Terror On Tillson Halloween

Once a year the small town of Romeo, Michigan becomes a must-see for all those who love Halloween. The Terror on Tillson event is Michigan’s largest neighborhood funded Halloween attraction. Each year tens of thousands of visitors make their way to Romeo for the Halloween event. Over 2,000 trick or treaters wander Tillson street in search of tricks and treats. Even though trick or treating is only a couple of hours, people still make their way to see all of the awesome Halloween displays.

At only a little more than 2 blocks long, just about all of the 32 houses have some kind of Halloween display set up. The area residents help and work together. They also help keep the area safe during Halloween and during trick or treating. A majority of the decorations are handmade by the residents. Some of them even hand out other goodies and have activities for any visitor who comes to their door.

If you’re planning on visiting and want to make the most out of your experience. Make sure you park instead of drive, it’s going to be bumper to bumper. There is no cost for the event, there is some parking that you can pay for, but the majority is free.

Check out these videos we found of the event.

Video Source – Wagon Pilot Adventures

Video Source- The Ramblers

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