The Bartonville Insane Asylum | Peoria, Illinois

The Bartonville Insane Asylum 


Places like the Bartonville Insane Asylum can be found in certain spots around the world. The problem is they’re usually found as a former shell of themselves that harbor dark or negative energy. 

There was so much suffering and turmoil within the walls of asylums that things tend to attract to it, evil entities. You have also think about the countless lives that ended aburotly, could they still be around?

Good question…


When you have so much anguish in a place it tends to create a monstrous void of negative energy. It could be that this void of energy actually traps these spirits in the location, maybe they can’t move on and don’t know how to move on because of it.

Then again who knows what type of entities are actually moving about in these places, could it be other types of entities posing as the ghosts of those who were once here?

Who knows… 

What we do know is that places like the Bartonville Insane Asylum are places that you don’t want to go in alone. You don’t want to be left here overnight because you may no come out alive.

Who knows what you would encounter if you were in a place like this by yourself. Anyways this video is pretty good and these guys should get a show, it’s a pretty interesting and heart pounding video! 

Let us know what you think! 

SOURCE – Believe A Paranormal Experience 

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