The Black Hope Horror

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The Real Life Version Of The Movie Poltergeist 

What would You Do If This Happened To You?

The black Hope Horror is  the inspiration behind and TRUE story behind the movie Poltergeist. If you've seen the movie Poltergeist you know the horrors the family went through when they moved into a new subdivision and home. Now the true story isn't as dramatic and scary as the real story, well then again it's hard to say if was scary or not because we weren't there, but we highly doubt the things that happened in the movie happened in real life. 

The Black Hope Horror happened in Crosby, Texas and just like in the movie it served as a new location for future homes. However there was one major problem with the location this subdivision was located at. The subdivision was built over a cemetery that was supposed to be located to another area. The people who had commissioned the project said they moved the bodies and the headstones, but that wasn't the case.

Families ended up moving in and that's when the real problems started to happen. People started noticing their homes came with more than they bargained for, eventually the truth came out and all hell broke loose, not like in the movie but in the court room. 

Check out the full story below! 

Check out the full story in the video 

Video Source – William Defalco

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