This Haunted Alabama Location Isn’t For The Faint Of Heart!

Cry Baby Hollow – Alabama

There’s an area in Hartselle, Alabama that’s a tiny one lane bridge locals call Cry Baby Hollow. At first glance the bridge really isn’t anything much to look at. It’s 12 feet across and looks like your average small creek side bridge. If you were driving by you wouldn’t even realize that it’s a paranormal hotspot. So why is the area so haunted, and what is the whole story behind it?

There are a few versions of the story, but apparently in the 1800’s a wagon overturned ejecting a baby into the creek. The baby passed away and so began the story of Cry Baby Hollow. Some say if you go to the creek at night you can hear the cries of a baby coming from the creek. Some say if you leave a candy bar on the bridge at night and then come back in the morning, a small bite will be taken out. Others say this is just more made stories in order to give strength to the legends of paranormal activity.

Paranormal Hotspot Or Creepy Urban Legend?

We’ve all grown up hearing stories of certain areas that are supposed to be haunted beyond all belief. But there are times some of these stories are made up. They’re campfire stories made up to keep people away. Throughout the years the stories gradually increase, as well as certain elements. Could this be the case of Cry Baby Hollow? There are those that have been to the location and claim they have had some pretty creepy happenings. So could the area have been haunted way before the stories started?

Cry Baby Hallow – Alabama

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  1. I am primarily an empath. I also possess claircognizant, clairaudient, and clairvoyant abilities. My husband and I went down this road and over the bridge one night a few weeks ago. Without me knowing, my husband had a digital recorded and a P-SB7 spirit box turned on while going down the hill to this bridge. After we crossed the bridge, I immediately became overwhelmed by emotions. I started crying and I kept repeating “it was a little boy, it was a little boy”. I also immediately felt a woman’s presence. It felt like a very motherly energy. I know the overwhelming emotions I was experiencing were not my own. They were her’s. I could feel her desperation. She was searching for her child. I also felt she was trapped in this location by a very negative male energy. I told my husband that I was getting the years between 1940-1960. Then as we continued down the road, out of nowhere I pointed to the right side of the woods and said there was a cabin in those woods and it holds nothing but evil. Keep in mind that at the time we went down this road neither of us knew anything about that location and it’s history. Then we arrived at a curve that went to the left and up at the top were rail road tracks. I stopped dead in the road and said that I could not go any further and that I felt I needed to turn around and go home. The eerie part was once we got back out to the main road we heard a train horn in the distance. I, without a doubt, know that this poor lost mother’s soul watched over me that night. I felt her presence all the way home. After I got home I kept feeling the overwhelming need to try to see if she would communicate with me audibly through the spirit box. As soon as I turned it on I heard a female voice say “hi!”. It was crystal clear. It sounded as if she was happy that someone could finally hear her. My husband in the meantime was reviewing the audio on the digital recorder from earlier and he heard the word “Jesus” several times. I did all I knew to do to try and help her lost soul find peace. I let her know that she was safe and that she did not have to be trapped in those woods any longer. I told her if she sees a white light to go to it. I then heard a woman’s voice say “heaven” and I never got anymore responses from her after that. It was an insane experience and I definitely do not recommend just anyone going to this location because there is evil energy there as well. I feel that most people go to this place just for a good “spook” and are disrespectful of the location as well as the energies that are there. I can say without a doubt that this place is full of intense residual energy and IS NOT for the faint of heart. If you do decide to check this place out then please be respectful. Do not leave trash lying around. I can tell you that leaving candy bars is just a waste. I didn’t feel any “trapped” young energy there. Just primarily the distraught and desperate mother energy. Still to this day I think about her at least once a day and I pray that by me interacting and talking to her was enough to help her find peace and finally cross over to be with her family.

    1. I personally grew up within 3 miles from this bridge and hunted the woods all around and in the area. I’m 48 years old and as a teenager, my friends and I went to the area at night hundreds of times, with candy bars, and never, ever, seen, heard, or felt ANYTHING but night air! This story is just for fun and nothing more. Please don’t waste your time with this story. It is a beautiful place and is quite spooky at night, nothing more.

  2. Just want you to know that the KKK used to meet in those woods, and that may be the evil lurking you feel.

  3. I used to live in Decatur and would drive through cry baby hollow alot me and a friend was out there one day and I pulled up on the bridge and looked over to see a very old lady in the water and it appeared she was searching for something in the water I can say I never got out of that hollow that quick before I went through what seems like a million more times and never saw the old lady again so in my opinion that place is or was haunted I have heard they cleared most of the land now and even took down the satanic house

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