This Haunted Alabama Location Isn’t For The Faint Of Heart!

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Cry Baby Hollow – Alabama

There’s an area in Hartselle, Alabama that’s a tiny one lane bridge locals call Cry Baby Hollow. At first glance the bridge really isn’t anything much to look at, it’s 12 feet across and looks like your average small creek side bridge.

It’s one of those places you would probably cross over and wouldn’t really pay much attention to. However, there are many stories as to WHY the area is so haunted. One of those stories goes back to the 1800’s where a wagon   overturned ejecting a baby into the creek.

They say that if you go at night to the creek that you can hear crying coming from the river. Others say that if you leave a candy bar on the bridge and leave and come back, a small bite will be taken out of it. 

Places like these that have stories that stretch back a very long time usually tend to pick up new ones along the way. Most of the time the stories aren’t real but rather filler stories to make the area a little bit more enticing to would be explorers, do you think that’s the case here?

Cry Baby Hallow – Alabama

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