Strange And Creepy The Paranormal This Haunted Alabama Location Isn’t For The Faint Of Heart!

This Haunted Alabama Location Isn’t For The Faint Of Heart!

This Haunted Alabama Location Isn’t For The Faint Of Heart! post thumbnail image

Cry Baby Hollow – Alabama

There’s an area in Hartselle, Alabama that’s a tiny one lane bridge locals call Cry Baby Hollow. At first glance the bridge really isn’t anything much to look at. It’s 12 feet across and looks like your average small creek side bridge. If you were driving by you wouldn’t even realize that it’s a paranormal hotspot. So why is the area so haunted, and what is the whole story behind it?

There are a few versions of the story, but apparently in the 1800’s a wagon overturned ejecting a baby into the creek. The baby passed away and so began the story of Cry Baby Hollow. Some say if you go to the creek at night you can hear the cries of a baby coming from the creek. Some say if you leave a candy bar on the bridge at night and then come back in the morning, a small bite will be taken out. Others say this is just more made stories in order to give strength to the legends of paranormal activity.

Paranormal Hotspot Or Creepy Urban Legend?

We’ve all grown up hearing stories of certain areas that are supposed to be haunted beyond all belief. But there are times some of these stories are made up. They’re campfire stories made up to keep people away. Throughout the years the stories gradually increase, as well as certain elements. Could this be the case of Cry Baby Hollow? There are those that have been to the location and claim they have had some pretty creepy happenings. So could the area have been haunted way before the stories started?

Cry Baby Hallow – Alabama

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