Urban Legends – The Poltergeist Movie Curse

Urban Legends – The Poltergeist Movie Curse 

Whether you believe in curses or not, this story is a bit creepy when you actually look into it. The original Poltergeist movie came out in 1982 and many say that the movie production was cursed beyond belief. No one really knows WHY or HOW the curse may have started, but the film crew, cast, and production squad all came across some very bad luck and situations during and after filming it.

Some say that the curse all started with the fact that in one scene they used real human skeletons. Now the actors didn’t even think anything of it because they thought that the skeletons were fake, they thought that they were made of a plaster or hard rubber. But in reality the skeletons were actually real and no one knew about it until things started to get strange. One of the actresses in the original film was murdered in her driveway. A production assistant was involved in a freak crash, and another person that was behind the scenes also died under strange circumstances. 

By the time the second film was set to begin production, more tragedy struck the cast and crew. They even did an exorcism on the set during the filming to see if they could get some of the bad energy away from the production. 

Did it work?

Check out the video and find out 

SOURCE – Real Life Mysteries  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SOtL9DFBLM

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