A Creepy Discovery Was Made When This Doll Was Taken Out Of Storage

The Doll That Grew Old 

This is one of those stories you would expect to hear in an old episode of Tales From The Dark Side. A doll that grew old, even the smallest features of the appear to have aged. But there’s a lot of mystery behind this doll and its actual existence. There’s only 1 photo of the doll and that’s it. We’ve heard the family doesn’t want any mainstream fame and we understand that. But the question still remains, is the doll still aging?

Check out this video we found and let us know what YOU think… 

Could this be REAL or is it fake?

Video Source – William Defalco\

The Doll That Grew Old

From the picture, you can see that the doll grew old in all aspects. It’s not like the doll just rotted away from the elements. It appears as if the doll grew old, just as a person would. There are those who speculate the doll’s real existence. However, it’s still an awesome story that really makes you think. Could there be some kind of spirit or something attached to this certain doll? Let us know what you think in the comments, and would you keep this doll in your house if you could?

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