The Witches Hill – Cleveland, Ohio

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Witches Hill

There’s a little place near Cleveland, Ohio called the Old Chestnut Falls cemetery in Olmstead Falls that has a dark and sinister reputation. Now while the story is more talk than anything, one of the stories is said to be about a woman who was known to be a witch who was killed and buried here in an unmarked grave.

It’s said that you shouldn’t approach her grave at any costs or some kind of “bad things” will happen to you if you do. Supposedly before she died she cursed the grounds and all those around her for all times, now it’s not for sure or not but some say the story is true. 

Now not much is known about the witch or her history, what is known is that this could have been in the mid 1700’s or 1800’s when hysteria about witches and dark magic was at an all time high.

In those times being called a witch wasn’t a good thing at all, in most cases it meant life and death. If you were called a witch and couldn’t prove that you weren’t one, you most likely met your end at the end of a noose, in a fire, or with your head in a basket. 

Some say that there’s another story that various witches were also killed and buried in this area and that the curse of the witches is one brouht on by the fact that so many were killed and buried here, but then again those are also stories.

One thing is for sure, those who have visited this location all agree that there’s something very spooky and bothering about the location. Could it just be the thought of the story and the area that makes it spooky or is there something more?

Who knows…. Check out the full story here 


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