This Ohio Cemetery Is Said To Be Home To An Infamous Witch

Image by Lisa Redfern from Pixabay
Image by Lisa Redfern from Pixabay

The Witches Hill

There’s a little cemetery in the town of Olmstead Falls near Cleveland, Ohio that has an interesting history behind it. The Old Chestnut Falls cemetery is shrouded in mystery, legend, and lore. Supposedly it harbors the grave of a woman who was known to be a witch. Her grave is unmarked and legend has it if you get near the grave bad things will happen to you. Before she died she cursed all who did her wrong. However, nothing has been verified if the story is true or not.

Some say if any of this is true it would have happened in the mid 1700’s or 1800’s when hysteria about witches was at an all time high. In those times, accusations of being a witch meant life or death. Most of the time people were either burned, hung, or decapitated. It wasn’t like you would receive a fair trial or anything like that. Other versions say there were numerous women who were buried there in unmarked graves.

Who knows…. Check out the full story below.