Strange And Creepy Strange and Unexplained The First Ever Real Life Exorcism On Live Television In The United States

The First Ever Real Life Exorcism On Live Television In The United States

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Real Life Exorcism To Take Place On Television October 30th

If you've ever wanted or been brave enough to witness a live exorcism on television, you will have that chance on October 30th of this year. Destination America will be working in conjunction with paranormal investigators and their show "Ghost Asylum" to do an exorcism of a the iconic house which inspired the movie " the exorcist". It was based on the true story of a boy named Roland Doe. The boy was possessed by what many say was a demon. 

Now while some say the events that really happened weren't like the movie, the movie of course took it to the next level for commercial purposes, but they do say that some of the things that went on were really odd. The boy spoke in languages that have been dead since ancient times, he had knowledge of things that he possibly couldn't know about. He made strange sounds and the room that he was in would turn from severely cold enough that you could see your breath to intensely hot within seconds. 

Some of the most dramatic happenings in the house were when a picture of Jesus levitated and flew across the room and smashed into the wall. There were strange sounds and footsteps accompanied by foul odors. The boy was examined by medical professionals who had no explanation for the odd things that were going on when the boy was in the hospital. When they visited him at home things got even stranger, it got to the point where they said they couldn't help him and that it was beyond them. 

Roland Doe eventually was freed from his possession and grew up to be a successful family man. The problem was that the house where Roland Doe lived at is STILL haunted, some say that the demon never left the residence and that it's still there. 

Check out the story behind Roland Doe's Exorcism here >>> EXORCISM OF ROLAND DOE 

Now a team is going in and doing an exorcism live on national television. This will be the first ever of it's kind in the United States! 

The info on the exorcism 


This is a video of the real house 

I honesty don't know if this is a good idea, I mean you're playing with forces that you have no idea about. People think they can explain things and that things won't happen just because you're watching it on television, but these are forces that are beyond understanding. How do we know these evil entities are aware of what's going to go on, how do we know that they won't be able to travel through the airwaves into someone they suspect as weak and possess them?

I don't know about this nor would I partake in this if I were in that location or part of that television network. However, they're taking priests and ordained ministers with them for protection. I honestly don't think they will get much on television, they really never do, and if they do people will think it's fake. 

What do you think about this?

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