Strange And Creepy The Paranormal The Creepy Painting That Was Created With Blood

The Creepy Painting That Was Created With Blood

The Creepy Painting That Was Created With Blood post thumbnail image

The Anguished Man Painting

The World Most Haunted Painting

Now we’ve all heard of haunted paintings like the CRYING BOY or the HANDS RESIST HIM  which both are really creepy in their own right. But the painting  known as The Anguished Man is a whole different story. Little is known about the actual painter or his history, but what is known is he was a very mentally disturbed individual.

It’s said  he used his own blood mixed with paint to create this painting. It was a personal representation of the anguish and pain that he was feeling and supposedly he committed suicide a short time after completing the painting. 

Some say that his soul was trapped within the painting and now anyone that has this painting in their possession will suffer the pain and grief that this man did in life.

Others say that the painting just holds his emotions in life and these emotions transfer over to anyone who has the painting or comes within it. Whatever you choose to believe the fact is this painting is really creepy, but could the stories be true?

Who knows… 

Check out this video of its current owner saying why he believes it’s the most haunted painting ever created! 

Check out the video of the owner Sean Robinson with the painting.

Video Source – Sean Robinson

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