Welcome To The Most Haunted Town In The West – Jerome, Arizona

the most haunted town in the west

The Most Haunted Town In The West- Jerome Arizona

Jerome, Arizona wasn’t always known as “the wickedest city in the west” or for being notoriously haunted. It started off as a gold mine hotspot but ended up with a bad history and a dark reputation. 4 fires in the late 1800s as well as the great depression ended up turning it into a ghost town. In its heyday, Jerome was actually the 3rd biggest town in Arizona, far from the spooky little tourist attraction that it is today. Speaking of that, Jerome is said to be one of “America’s Coolest Small Towns” by Travel.com. Just about if not all of the buildings in the town have some kind of paranormal activity going on. It’s almost like there’s another world of daily life going on in another realm in the same town.

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The Haunted Buildings Of Jerome, Arizona

Anyone who has been to Jerome will tell you there isn’t a place that isn’t haunted. One of the most famous places is the Jerome Grand Hotel. The hotel used to be a hospital that many said was cursed because of fires and all of the problems it faced. There were a lot of deaths that happened there, even decades later in the 1980s. A caretaker who watched the place due to vandalism committed suicide there. What could have led that person to do that? Some believe it was some kind of force within the confines of the location that pressured him to do it. It wasn’t until the mid-90s that the hotel was created. It’s now known for being the most haunted hotel in Arizona and for a good reason.

Check out this video on more of the history of Jerome, Arizona

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