Vampires In New Orleans? Could The Undead Be Roaming The City At Night



There are a ton of strange rumors that say that there are vampires in various cities around the planet. The most popular being New Orleans, but could this be just rumors or is there some truth behind the stories? Some say that if you were a vampire would you want everyone to know you were one? 


 But do you think that Vampires are real? In this post, we’ll look at the possibility of vampires roaming free in the New Orleans area. Now I know some of are thinking, “oh yeah I believe in sparkly vampires and hunky werewolves“. 

But I challenge you to take a second and look back throughout history and see all the stories of these creatures. Now I’m not going on a limb and saying that they ARE real, I’m as big as a skeptic as the next person, but what I am saying is this…


But then again you have these people who SAY that they’re vampires, but what THEY claim is that it’s a physical condition. They claim it’s not the same as the movies make it out to be, that there are many people in the world with this condition. But is this a real condition or just something that people are convinced that they have because they’re obsessed with vampires?

Who knows… 

Anyways check out this video on vampires in New Orleans and you be the judge 


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