There’s A Good Reason People Avoid Looking Into This Haunted Plantations Mirror

The Myrtles Plantation

It’s been called one of America’s most haunted homes and for a good reason. The violent history that surrounded this place could be the reason behind all of the hauntings. If you haven’t read our original posts or have seen the video check it out here >>>> MYRTLES PLANTATION

If not you’re going to get the full scoop on the location and the haunted history behind the mirror down below in the video.Now in our original post we didn’t talk about one of the most haunted objects in the house, A MIRROR!

Mirrors are supposedly vessels or portals to the other side, some say that they’re the gateway to other realities. In this case supposed the mirror holds the spirits of 3 people, Sara Woodruff and her 2 children.

It was custom to cover mirrors after someone died in a house in order to keep them from becoming trapped or staying behind in a mirror. Supposedly this large mirror was overlooked and now they’re trapped within the confines of the mirror. There are a ton of creepy stories revolving around this particular mirror.

Check out the video we found on this haunted mirror, it’s pretty spooky!

Source – William Defalco

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