Strange And Creepy Random Titanic 2 Set To Sail In 2022, Will You Be Getting a Ticket?

Titanic 2 Set To Sail In 2022, Will You Be Getting a Ticket?

Titanic 2 Set To Sail In 2022, Will You Be Getting a Ticket? post thumbnail image

Titanic 2 Maiden Voyage

We’ve been hearing for a long time that there’s going to be another Titanic. But the project seemed to be getting pushed back more and more.  Now it’s moving forward and will set to depart in 2022. The project that was created by Australian business man and politician Clive Palmer has had some major controversy behind it. He also had some financial problems with the Chinese government which have now been cleared.

However there are many who say that it’s a bad idea and just plain disrespectful to those who died on the original ship. Some say the curse of the original ship will follow this one and eventually it will catch up. The Titanic 2 isn’t taking any chances and will be outfitted with plenty of life boats and other safety features.  The biggest feature of the ship is that the hull will be welded and not riveted like the original ship.

The ship will be an exact replica of the original ship. Some sources say the crew will be dressed in the original era style clothes of the first ships period. The ship will also take part of the original course of the first ship but will depart from Dubai instead and finally dock in New York.

There are many who are against this project because they feel that it’s disrespectful and distasteful for those who passed on the original voyage. We also believe that some things shouldn’t be touched and this one of them. Do you think the ship will be haunted by those who passed on the first ship? Do you think the ship will have problems or will just be another ship on the ocean?

Check out the video post we found and let us know your thoughts!

Video Source – TomoNews Us

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