The Perfect Valentines Gift For Horror Fans – Precious Mutations

You’ll never look at another figurine the same way after you see these. Canadian artist Keith Busher took those oh so sweet Precious Moments figurines and morphed them into something from a Night of the Living Dead movie.

Precious Mutations

He dubbed them “Precious Mutations” and they have been super popular ever since he came up with the idea. He was looking for an inexpensive hobby to make some money with and ended up at a thrift store. He ended up buying some knickknacks and the rest is history.

His idea was to do the polar opposite of the original figurines. They go from sweet and innocent to menacing and scary.  His creations ended up going pretty viral on social media and ever since then the popularity has kept growing.

He also has his family helping him out with the creations. His kids help with the entire process, one paints, another helps to illustrate. It’s a very tedious process but very cool the whole family is apart of. Not to mention the detail and time they put into their  creations really make them stand out.

If you’re interested in these check out this ETSY site here > Precious Mutations

Check out this video we found of some of his work, you won’t be disappointed!

Video Source – Kieth Busher

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