This Amusement Park Is Located 400 Feet Underground In A 17th Century Salt Mine

Salina Turda Theme Park

Forget the Disney parks, this park is a whole different kind of place. It’s an amusement park that’s located 400 feet underground in a 17th-century salt mine. Yeah, you heard it right, it’s an amazing and yet sort of frightening location for an amusement park. I mean how does someone first come up with an idea to put a park of the sort 400 feet below inside of a mine?

The park is located in Dracula’s home of Transylvania, but you don’t have to worry about any vampires. The location of this place is creepy enough, especially if you’re afraid of holes or deep places. The park includes a mini-golf course, Ferris wheel, mini boats, and a few others things.

They even have a little area for sporting events. Imagine playing soccer 400 feet below inside of a salt mine? I don’t think many people can say they have played a sport that far inside of the earth, let alone ride a Ferris wheel. The best part of the park is that it only costs 6 dollars to join in on the fun. This is one place you will have to see in person when the world goes back to normal.

Check out these videos and let us know your thoughts, would you go down there and ride the rides?

Video Source – Wonder World

Video Source – Hannah And Myron

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