Have a Bloody Valentine’s Day With Vampires At “Love Bites”

Valentines Day Haunted House

13th Floor Entertainment is putting on a very special haunted house for all you love birds out there. 13th Floor’s event “Love Bites” will be a special Valentine’s haunted house. So for those of you who are expecting a house full of love and joy, guess again.

The theme of the haunted house is going to be VAMPIRES. Yup you heard it right, the premise for it is that vampires are hungry and decide to throw a party that includes humans as the main dish. You start off by heading into the party but then an unsuspecting hero emerges and helps everyone fight off the vampires before they can wake up the elders.

You have to follow instructions and complete tasks to avoid being drained to death. The event is centralized in Melorse Park, Illinois but will also take place in various states. The states included are New Orleans, Florida, Colorado, Ohio, and Texas.

For more information check out >  https://valentineshauntedhouses.com

Video Source – 13th Floor Haunted House

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