The Strange Case Of The Ghost Who Communicated Through Polaroid Photos

The Polaroid Ghost Writer 

Proof Of The Paranormal?

Throughout history we’ve been told that there are various tools or ways that ghosts can actually communicate with us. One of those paranormal communication devices is a mirror, for as long as we can remember people have said that mirrors act like a gateway of some sorts between our realm and the spirit realm. Some say that ghosts can go from one place to another through mirrors, now while science says this can’t be proved and that it’s all just made up, others say it isn’t. 

In recent times we use electronic devices in order to contact the dead, things like recorders, cameras, and other devices connect this side and the other side. Are these devices actually picking up things from another realm? Could it be that we are actually making contact with those who have passed on to the world of the dead?

Who knows… 

But this story is very strange, it’s the story of a man who actually made contact with a ghost by asking it questions and then taking pictures. The ghost would then answer his questions through Polaroid pictures that he was taking. Now while some skeptics believe this is made up, many paranormal researchers and even film experts are baffled and believe that it could possibly be the real thing. For one it was taken at a time when this kid of faking wasn’t easy to do. 

Could it be someone trying to contact him from the other side?


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