The Octagon House – The Most Haunted Location In Washington D.C.

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 The Octagon House

Haunted D.C

The Octagon House In Washington D.C. Is known for being the most haunted location in Washington D.C..There are other places in D.C. that are said to be extremely haunted, some even have the ghosts of former presidents and other very important figures in U.S. history. 

Now the Octagon house is really close to the White House but not many know too much about the Octagon House. The house was built around the year 1800 and was actually an intern white house when it burnt down early in the 1800’s.

The strangest part of the whole matter is that even back then families that lived there said that this place was haunted beyond belief. Many who stayed in the house moved out rather quickly because of all the paranormal activity going on within it. 

How could a house that was built a few years prior be haunted?

Good question…

Check out the video and see what you think! 

The Octagon House


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