The Octagon House – The Most Haunted Location In Washington D.C.

 The Octagon House – Washington D.C.

Washington’s Octagon House is known for being the most haunted location in the capital. Washington D.C. already is known as one of the most haunted places in the U.S.A. It’s a city with so much history behind it that the echoes of the past can still be heard. The Octagon house is known for being frequented by the ghosts of former presidents among many other famous figures in U.S. history. Could they still be working and going about as they would in their daily lives while on the other side?

The Octogon house is close to the White House, but not many know too much about the house and its history. The house was built in 1800 and at one time it actually served as an intern White House when it burnt down in the early 1800s. Since day one occupant of the house have said there’s a paranormal presence within it. Could the grounds of the location itself be the cause for the paranormal activity? Numerous people have claimed to have seen full-body apparitions moving around the house. Others have heard footsteps and smelled things coming from empty rooms. The sounds of people talking and laughing can be heard in various areas of the house.

Check out the video and see what you think! 

The Octagon House


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