Strange And Creepy Random Zak Bagans Buys Dr. Kevorkians Death Mobile

Zak Bagans Buys Dr. Kevorkians Death Mobile

Zak Bagans Buys Dr. Kevorkians Death Mobile post thumbnail image

Zak Bagans Buys Death Mobile 

 It seems like Ghost Adventures Zak Bagans is out to prove to some that the paranormal is real once and for all these days. First he bought the Gary Indiana Demon House for 35 grand last year, he's supposed to be launching a new documentary this fall. Now he bought the late doctor Jack Kevorkian's death mobile of all things. Doctor Kevorkian was responsible for over 135 assisted deaths throughout his career. 

Supposedly there's some really intense energy within the vehicle since it was used at such an emotional time.Bagansbought the old vehicle for 32 grand, and hopes to restore it back into driving condition. Now would we buy something like this, nope, but to each their own. Maybe he will run into some paranormal activity while repairing it or driving it. I know one thing is for sure, driving something like that on a new season or show would probably bring in some new viewers. 

Many people simply didn't and still don't agree with assisted deaths, so could there be some kind of negative aura behind the vehicle? It's possible but who knows, it probably doesn't have the same type of energy as does a car like James Dean's infamous car. Anyways here's a video talking about it, you'll see  a few errors like the picture they throw up when they're talking about him. 

Would you buy a car like this?


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