This Ancient Fort Is So Haunted & Terrifying Its Location Was Kept A Secret

Bhangarh Fort, India’s Most Haunted Location

India’s Bhangarh fort is said to be one of the most haunted places in the world. The mysterious location was actually kept a secret and hidden away from the public. The reason wasn’t because they were scared what the tourist would do, but what the ghost would do. The location is said to be saturated with paranormal activity. Some believe it’s the spirits of those who were once living there. Some say the cause of all the activity is because of the stone structures. They act as battery of some sort storing energy. The ghosts and other entities feed off of it and draw there power from the location. Others say this isn’t the reason why. Check out the video below we found.

SOURCE – Shanawa shafi

The Most Place In The World

One thing that everyone can agree whos been there is that there’s something going on there. The structures were built in the 1500’s and is pretty well preserved for being that old. There are stories that the place was destroyed in one night. There were a surprise attack and those who lived in the fort were killed. Could the ghosts of those people who were killed long ago still be there? Could this be the reason why so many people have seen paranormal things going on there?

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