This Creepy Haunted Romanian Castle Was Once Home To The King Of Vampires

Image by FALCO - Pixabay
Image by FALCO - Pixabay

An Inside Look At Dracula’s Castle

If you had the chance to buy one of the most iconic places in history, would you do it? What if you were told the location was home to one of the most infamous characters in history, Vlad Dracula? Would that change your mind at all, or would you it peak your interest? Not too long ago the monstrous Bran castle was up for sale for somewhere around 66 million dollars. That included all the negative entities and creepy haunted history. Today we will take an inside look at the home of Dracula, Bran Castle.

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The History Behind Vlad Dracula

For many, Dracula is seen as the bloodsucking vampire that is immortal. The man beast who sleeps during the day and roams the world at night. But that wasn’t the case at all for Dracula. Many saw Dracula as a hero, but even more saw him for what he really was….. a monster. We aren’t talking the type of monster you would see in the movies, we’re talking the real human kind. He tortured and killed countless people in insanely barbaric ways. Many say he did this to cause fear in those who opposed him. While it worked for awhile eventually his time came too. But now all that remains is the fortress where he once called home.

Let us know your thoughts and what you think about the story. Have you ever been to Bran castle and experience anything paranormal?


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