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Story Of Anna Baker

The Ghost In the Wedding Dress That Was Never Used 

The sad love story of Anna Baker started in the 1836 when her father a wealthy iron master moved to a giant mansion in Altoona, Pennsylvania. As she grew up she grew fond of a poor man who was also a worker at the local steel factory. However there was a gigantic problem with this relationship, her father didn't want his daughter with a poor steel worker who was only making enough money to make ends meet. 

The story then becomes similar to Romeo and Juliet, the young couple didn't care about her father or anyone else who didn't approve of their love and relationship and planned on getting married in secret. They were going to be happy and live together for the rest of their lives, even if that meant running away together after their secret marriage. 

The problem was the father got wind of what was about to happen and put a stop to the wedding plans before they could run off. The only thing she had to remember her love was her wedding dress she never got to wear. Some say she became obsessed with the dress and never let it go in life and even in death. Some have heard singing and footsteps coming from the room that the dress is in. 

Could Anna still be around the dress waiting for her wedding day even in death?

Check out the video by Paranormal Junkie

Video Source – Paranormal Junkie


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