Strange And Creepy The Paranormal The Woman Who Won’t Let Go Of Her Wedding Dress, Even In Death!

The Woman Who Won’t Let Go Of Her Wedding Dress, Even In Death!

The Woman Who Won’t Let Go Of Her Wedding Dress, Even In Death! post thumbnail image

The Sad Love Story

The Ghost In the Wedding Dress That Was Never Used 

The Sad love story of Anna Baker is like something like Romeo and Juliet. Anna Baker was the daughter of a wealthy ironmaster. The year was 1836, Anna and her father moved into a giant mansion in Altoona, Pennsylvania. To make a long story short, she fell for a worker in the local steel factory. The whole NoteBook type of thing happened however, that’s when things took a turn for the worst.

Check out the video of the sad love story of Anna Baker by  Paranormal Junkie. 

Video Source – Paranormal Junkie

The Ghost In The Wedding Dress

Could it be that her energy still resides around the dress or something else entirely?  Could it be her energy manifesting around the dress, so much that she can solidify into a person and wear it from time to time? The energy in or around the dress is strong enough that those who have gone around it have felt it. They say that they can kind of feel her like she’s watching them around the dress.

There are always those that will say there’s nothing there but just imaginations. But could the ghost of Anna Baker still be waiting for her moment? Her time to meet the love of her life and be able to finally wear the dress?

Could Anna still be around the dress waiting for her wedding day even in death?

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