This Painting And Paranormal Activity Seem To Go Hand In Hand

The  Aunt Pratt Painting

The Haunted Painting 

Anywhere you have a long and drawn out history, especially one that stretches back to the 1600’s. You’re going to have a very restless spirits wandering around. Some say that some of the spirits here are looking for vengeance, and others are confused, whatever the case the Shirley Plantation is known as one of the most haunted locations in Virginia. 

The Shirley Plantation in Charles City, Virginia! 

Construction on Shirley Plantation began as early as 1613 but the brick house foundation began a little over a hundred years after the initial plantation was created.The plantation is STILL owned by the same family that founded it making it the OLDEST FAMILY OWNED BUSINESS in the United States. Surprisingly the home and plantation were spared during the civil war, and it actually served as a hospital during war.

There weren’t any certain conflicts that were war related, but they’re were fights that involved distressed and hurt soldiers. So when you have that much conflict, sorrow, pain, and agony in one place you tend to have some rather strong energy left behind.

But what about the painting?

Check out the video and find out how it makes this location the most haunted location in Virginia! 

The Haunted Aunt Pratt Painting

Video Source – Paranormal Junkie

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