Strange And Creepy The Paranormal A Spooky Look Into The Haunted Historic Story Inn | Nashville Ind.

A Spooky Look Into The Haunted Historic Story Inn | Nashville Ind.

A Spooky Look Into The Haunted Historic Story Inn | Nashville Ind. post thumbnail image

The Haunted Story Inn 

The town of Story, Indiana was founded around the year 1851. At first it was a logging community and was actually the largest in the area. The town steadily grew until about the time of the great depression, that’s when the town took a turn for the worst. People slowly started to move out once the logging industry went under and suddenly the town found itself in a bit of a predicament. 

Efforts to make this small town into a tourist destination failed multiple times and eventually the town was left abandoned and sat there for numerous decades. That was until 2 men from a nearby town came to the town and saw something that no one else could see. They knew that if they could come up with an angle that they could profit off of this town, and that they did.

The  Small Town Haunted Inn 

These 2 men from the  Bloomington bout the entire town and turned the town into historic tourist destination of some sorts.  Now the small Story Inn has 18 rooms all fully renovated to look like it did back in the day. They also have some drink recipes that can only be found in this certain location. They wanted this place to be unique, they want people to come to this town and take away an experience unlike any other. It’s almost like walking back into the past and reliving what it was like back in the days when this town was in its prime. 

They wanted it to be real, but little did they think that actual residents from the past would be joining them on their mission. Reports of an apparition known as “the lady in blue” have been reported by guests who’ve stayed there. She’s been seen all around the Inn as well as outside of the Inn. There’s also a bunch of other occurrences of strange sounds, smells, and other odd things going on. 

A news report on the Story Inn by RTV6 INDY

A paranormal group from Indiana PNG GHOST HUNTING

Video source – PNG GHOST HUNTING

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