This Doll Know As The UK’s Most Haunted Doll Is Beyond Creepy

Peggy The Haunted Doll

When it comes to creepy and scary dolls, ones like  “Robert The Doll” and “The Doll That Grew Old” usually pop up, but what about Peggy The Doll?There are a ton of origin stories behind this doll, so finding the TRUE story behind it has become more of a headache…  no pun intended… You’ll find out why I said that later. 

But what is known is that the previous owners of this doll say is almost the same thing. That the doll is possessed by something supernatural in nature. Supposedly all of the owners and even people who have seen the doll in pictures and even videos, end up having MIGRAINES, CHEST PAIN, and even get really SICK out of the blue.

Could this be true?

I honestly didn’t feel sick after watching this video, I thought the story was entertaining but I didn’t feel sick in the least bit. I even tried looking at pictures of this doll for a bit. Now I’m not saying that the stories aren’t true or that they can’t be true, I’m just saying I didn’t experience anything at all. 

Check out the video we found by HD Paranormal Research and see if you experience anything at all, if you do let us know! 

Peggy The Doll 

Video Source- HD Paranormal Research

Would you keep this doll in your house?

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  1. Is it possible that there’s a bacteria in the doll that’s making people sick? Has the plastic been tested? Just wondering, if people get those symptoms.

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