This App Leads You To Potential Paranormal Hotspots And Crime Scenes?

The Power Of Intention Or Something More?

There’s been a huge buzz over the newest app by the name of Randonautica. It’s the app that allows you to explore random locations within a certain vicinity based on your intentions. The app is designed as a way to break away from your regular routine and explore your surrounding areas.

Randonauts are encouraged to use their “intentions” to have a quantum effect on their environment. If you’re a bit confused as we were, the video below will explain what that is all about?

So what’s the big deal about Radonautica?

Apparently some teens used the app and ended up finding a suitcase with body parts in it. Imagine going on an adventure guided by a mysterious app that leads you to some body parts. The case is still under investigation and the people who found the suitcase are still shaken up by their experience.

On other occasions, people have said they have had some pretty creepy supernatural occurrences and even a trip to another dimension.  Some are saying that the app is lead by someone who is in control of the “dark web”, while others say it’s just mere coincidence and nothing more than a mind trip.

Check out this video on a possible reason for all of this. What are your thoughts on a “simulated reality”? Do you think we could be living in some kind of simulation, and if so what’s the purpose of it all?

Video Source- The Truth Exposed

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