This Aquariums Train Ride Goes Through an Underwater Shark Tank

Underwater Train Ride

We’ve been showcasing a lot of places in Texas as of late, and just came across another amazing one. Houston’s Downtown Aquarium is a place like no other for one very good reason. They have a shark tank with over 300 species of underwater life you can see up close you’ll think you’re inside the tank with them.

You’re probably thinking “ok, so does a lot of other aquariums” but do those have a train that goes through it? Yup you heard that right, there’s an underwater train ride that takes you through the entire experience, talk about awesome right?


The train takes you through a 200,000 gallon shark tank and is an experience like no other. This isn’t the only thing the aquarium has either. They have a full-service restaurant, a bar, ballroom, and even a lot of exhibits, shops and more.

So if you’re planning on taking a trip to Houston and don’t know what to do, a trip the Downtown Aquarium is a must.

Check out their site here > Downtown Aquarium

Also take a look at this video we found by JohnyChen showcasing the ride.

Video Source – JohnyChen

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