Strange And Creepy Random The Goth Of All Chickens Even Has A Black Heart

The Goth Of All Chickens Even Has A Black Heart

The Goth Of All Chickens  Even Has A Black Heart post thumbnail image

The Goth Chicken

There’s a chicken that is completely black inside and out by the name of Ayam Cemani. It’s a species of chicken that’s bred and found in Indonesia and is one of the most exotic breeds on the entire planet.

The chickens heart and bones are as dark as night. Its eyes, and skin are also dark all because of a condition called fibromelanosis. It’s a genetic mutation that’s caused by extra melanin inside of the chickens tissue.


The mutation is harmless and the chickens grow up fine like any other chicken. The species of chicken can only be found in Indonesia and a few others places and is actually banned from being exported into the USA.

Since it’s not a type of chicken that is bred in a lot of places, the cost of one of these chickens is through the roof. A new-born chicken of these breed will cost you around $200 dollars.

Check out the video we found from Great Big Story and let us know your thoughts.

Video Source – Great Big Story

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