This Creepy Trolley Will Guide You To Most Haunted Spots In St. Augustine FL.

The Most Haunted City In Florida

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The city of St. Augustine, Florida is no stranger to the paranormal and creepy places. In fact they have one of the most haunted light houses on the planet, the Saint Augustine Lighthouse. It’s the lighthouse that is said to be haunted by numerous ghosts.

But St. Augustine also has a lot of other very creepy places. However if you’re not familiar with the town there’s a trolley service that will take you to a lot of creepy places. Ghosts & Gravestones takes you on a wild  ride of the paranormal through the oldest city in Florida.


They give you and insight back to the late 1800’s on some of the things that happened In the city. They also give you personal accounts, and even eye-witness testimonies. They take you on a tour of an old jail, and old drug, a wax museum, and many other locations.

If you’re into haunted trips and are going to be in the Saint Augustine area, this tour is a must see! You can check out their site here > Ghosts & Gravestones

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