You Can Take A Stephen King Tour & Visit The Real Pet Semetary & Derry!

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The Stephen King Tour

There’s an official Stephen King tour, and you won’t find any other like this one in the world. This tour actually takes you to places where King drew inspiration and spent a lot of time for his horror masterpieces. Many of them you would recognize as the filming locations for his adaptations. If you’ve ever wondered what the real ‘Derry’ and the infamous sewer Pennywise came out of, now is your chance.

The tour takes place in the town of Bangor Maine. It’s the actual location for the fictional Derry in King’s “It.” There are other locations in the town that many fans will recognize in his other movies and work. The tour takes pretty much all morning and part of the early afternoon and it costs around $45 per person.

The cost is really cheap for this kind of a tour, especially if you’re a King fan like we are. They take you to various locations like where Pet Sematary was filmed at, Stephen Kings house, and even Pennywises iconic sewer. There are 30 total stops on the tour so plan on spending the entire afternoon traveling around Maine.

This is the ultimate tour for a really good price if you’re a fan. If you want to know more about the price and all of the locations the tour takes you on, check out their site here> SKTOURS

Check out this video we found by Steven L. Johnson and let us know your thoughts.

Video Source – Steven L. Johnson

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