2 Elephants Escape From Circus So They Can Play in The Snow

A pair of elephants couldn’t resist the urge anymore so they broke out of circus in Russia so they could play in the snow. The Yekaterinburg Circus said the Asian elephants Carla, 45 and Roni, 50 were taken outside for a walk before a show and they pulled away from their handlers.

They didn’t go on a wild rampage or anything at all, instead they ran to the snow and started rolling around and playing with it. They knew exactly what they were doing when the broke free and knew it was their chance to play in the snow.

Video footage was captured by witnesses that show the elephants rolling around and playing in the snow while their handlers unsuccessfully tried to get them back toward the circus building. The elephant’s obviously knew what they were doing and they weren’t going to go back until they had their fun. The road was blocked to prevent the elephants from coming into contact with any moving vehicles. Eventually they were led back to the circus safe and sound.

Video Source – MegaSource

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