This SFX Artist Creates Horror Masks For The Pandemic

Horror Masks

There aren’t very many spots in the world where the effects of the virus haven’t been felt. The world has been practicing social distancing, and during that time many have found creative ways to help out. In this case SFX specialist Rene Aberlardo has found a way to help while using his talents. He is creating horror face masks for horror fans that want a different type of mask.

Rene Abelardo said…

“I tried wearing the mask I made just for fun, and my daughter saw me and asked if she can take a picture and post it online,” he said.

“A few hours later the post unexpectedly went viral, and the rest is history.”

The artist sells them for about 6 to 10 dollars a piece, however we haven’t heard if he is going to take these masks to another level and start selling them worldwide. We do know that special effects horror master Tom Savini and special effects master Jason Baker are making horror masks you can order. You can send a message to Jason Baker about the masks, check it out here >>> JASON BAKER

Video Source – CGTN TV

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