Civil War ‘witch bottle’ discovered off Virginia interstate highway

The Witch Bottle

An artifact from the 19th known as a “witch bottle” was discovered off of interstate 64 near Williamsburg, Virginia. It was discovered by the Virginia Department of transportation during an archaeological dig at the historic civil war site. The bottle which is blueish green has some rusty old nails inside of it.

The location which locals are familiar with is in York County, which is the former fort complex built by the Confederates in the late 1800’s. It was part of a network of 14 mini-forts used to thwart off assaults on the Richmond using the peninsula.

At first it was thought that when the fort was taken over by the union soldiers that the bottle was put there as a place to hold some old nails. However 2 scholars then realized that it may be the nail-filled artifact was more than likely a “witch bottle.”

Witch bottles were used as a type of talisman to ward off evil spirits. They researchers said it’s pretty hard and rare to find these. About 200 have these relics have been documented in Great Britain, and around 10 have been found in the USA.

So would it be bad luck or would you be cursed if you took the nails out of the bottle? Have you ever found something like this somewhere or know someone who has?

Video Source – Rosebud Channel

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