Think You Would Last Valentine’s Weekend In a Room Haunted By a Serial Killer?

The Most Haunted Hotel In Texas

It was vacant for over 20 years and was home to burglars, squatters, drug users, rats and vandalism.  Texas’s Magnolia hotel has had a pretty scary past full of murderers, prisoners, Texas Rangers, and all kinds of crazy things. The hotel first opened up as a 2 room log cabin in the 1840’s. A huge basement was built under the cabin that was used as a jail. At one point in time the jail was dubbed “The worst jail in Texas”. 

Many say those who were locked up down there haven’t left, and that the residue of all the negative energy still resides in the basement and other areas of the building. There were other horrible things that happened on the grounds of the property. It was at one time it was also home to a serial killer who was eventually caught and shot by someone who was disgusted by his acts.

This Valentine’s Airbnb and the Magnolia are inviting you to stay the night in the creepy yet really cool hotel.  Couples will get a box of candy, bouquet of flowers,  and a simple card.  What better way is there to spend Valentines then in a haunted hotel with your loved one.

Check out more info on how to get a room here> Magnolia Hotel

Check out this really cool video we found of a paranormal investigation and a tour of the hotel and background of the ghosts who reside there.

Video Source – The Paranormal Files ( Official Channel)

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