Take a Candlelight Ghost Tour In a 300 Year Old Mansion This Valentine’s Day

There’s something spooky brewing this Valentine’s weekend in Pennsylvania’s 300 year old Brinton Lodge mansion. It’s the return of the of their 5th annual Valentine’s ghost tour. The candle light tour of the 300 year old mansion features some pretty intense ghost stories with their own Valentine’s twist on things.

The Brinton Lodge

The tour ends with a nightcap of chocolate, wine, and beer and some questions and relaxation. The tour showcases some of the mansions creepy love stories and showcases some of the ghosts of the lovers that still haunt the mansion. Other stories about some of the tragic incidents that happened near and around the area will be told.

The event is only happening on Feb. 14-15 and is from 9:30-11pm. Tickets can be purchased on www.brintonlodge.com website.  The proceeds will benefit the preservation of  Brinton Lodge which was transformed into a mansion in the early 1900’s by a wealth family.

Would you be up for a haunted evening of ghosts, chocolate, and drinks?

Inside Of The Brinton Lodge

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